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3M Laminating Equipment

3m laminating equipment is for use on your existing diaper line.  Save time and money by laminating singles rolls of FASTENING, RELEASE, HOOK tapes and creating your own Y-Bonds and Fingerlifts.

Accessory equipment is available for adding hook to your line and perforating your fastening tape.

Click here to view a video of our tape laminator.  

Artom proudly sells the following tape laminating equipment:

for Long Yardage Rolls

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Loop Unwind Stand
3M Tape Laminator with
Electronic Sensor Controls

Shown here is a two tape system for laminating fastening and release tapes. A 3 tape option is also available. Equipped with 8 tape chucks to make splicing easier.

Download Product Literature

3m tape laminator electronic sensor controls

Folding Section of Laminator

Close up of folding section for Y-Bonds and Fingerlifts.

folding section of laminator
Mechanical Closure Kit
(Hook Kit)

Operates using a magnetic clutch brake to control the unwinding process. Available in 3” or 6” cores.

mechanical closure kit (hook kit)

Constant Tension Accumulator

Essentially the drive system for the laminating process. Through the use of proximity sensors that detect tension or slack in the line it will adjust the dancer arm accordingly.

tension accumulator ith indexing motion attachmentstandard tension accumulator

Perforator Kit

Add peforations to your tape for easier tear off. Uses pnuematic regulators to control pressure and custom slitting blades to add perforations and lengths.

perforator kit machine

Lay-on Roller Kit

Insures a smooth unwind of release tape during Y-bond lamination.

Replacement Parts

Paddle Wheel Applicator plasma coated rollers